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Andrew Rocklage: The Brain Behind Sky Zone Trampoline

by WilliamV .

Andrew Rocklage is an American entrepreneur famously known for his contribution as the founder and owner of Sky Zone Trampoline. Andrew has been in the business industry for quite a long time now, and the launching of his business empire should not come as a surprise. Before founding and launching Sky Zone Trampoline, Andrew had worked for various companies. For instance, Andrew used to work for Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, and Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C.

As a legal professional, Andrew has worked for various companies as a legal consultant, law clerk, and as a corporate counsel. Before he launched his trampoline business, Andrew was a corporate attorney and a legal consultant at Epirus Biopharmaceuticals. He also worked as a law clerk for Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury and Murphy P.C and the Avery, Dooley, and Noone, LLP.


Andrew attended the prestigious Suffolk University Law School where he completed his studies and was awarded a Juris Doctor in the year 2013. Before earning his Juris Doctor, Andrew had successfully pursued a Bachelor of Science cum laude, Economics, and Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst-Isenberg School of Management. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree in the year 2009. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

Business Ventures

Ever since he graduated from the Isenberg School of Management and the Suffolk University Law School, Andrew has been nothing short of a successful business person and an attorney who has made a name for himself not only in Boston but also nationwide.

Andrew began his career as a Public Relations Intern at the Major League Lacrosse in the year 2008. Since then, his career has blossomed from a mere intern to the owner of one of the largest indoor trampoline parks in the USA and Canada.


Throughout his young career, Andrew Rocklage has achieved a lot as a businessman and as an attorney. In launching and operating the Sky Zone Trampoline business empire, Andrew has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the business atmosphere in Boston. As a business-oriented individual, Andrew has been able to bring with him some of the best team members to help him oversee the growth and management of his business empire. As a result, satisfied customers have always been in a position to rate the facility and services offered as being above average thanks to the customer-friendly workers who work at the park and the offices.

Andrew has made a name for himself in the Boston area mainly due to his wits as a businessman. With the success of Sky Zone Trampoline and his never-ending desire to initiate something new and unique, it remains to be seen what will come out of his witty brain as well as his next step towards making the world a better place in terms of having fun and helping people with legal issues.

The Inspiring Research Career of Dr. Clay Siegall

by WilliamV .

Dr. Clay Siegall is a biotechnology professional who co-owns Seattle Genetics. He has been interested in the medical field from a young age, and this enabled him to acquire a wealth of experience. Over the years, he saw people suffering from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy treatments, and this motivated him to start researching on treatments that are less harmful. He has used his biotechnology and genetics knowledge in developing gene-based therapies that can assist in curing the condition.

Seattle Genetics was created in 1998, and it has brought together several researchers who work to come up with an ideal cancer treatment. The company has managed to get FDA approvals for some the drugs that it has developed. It funds its research work by selling drugs, offering technology licenses, manufacturing, and the revenue that is collected from its production partnerships. Clay said that developing cancer treatments and getting FDA approval has been challenging. The company has succeeded to be a major contributor to the pharmaceuticals industry despite the challenges that it faces.

Dr. Seigall has been acting as the chairman and CEO of Seattle Genetics from the time he founded it. The company is currently specializing in the development of targeted cancer treatments, and it was the first to launch the antibody drug conjugates technology. The top notch technology has helped in curing patients, and the company has offered licenses to various pharmaceutical manufacturers to use it in manufacturing drugs. Enterprises that have worked with Seattle Genetics include Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, and Bayer.

The biotechnology expert’s career has been a success. He is an alumnus of George Washington University and holds a Ph.D. in genetics. Clay has had an opportunity to be part of the boards of companies such as Ultragenyx, Mirna Therapeutics, and BioPharmaceuticals. He has been conducting research work since 1988 and currently has 15 patents for various biotechnology inventions that he has made. Siegall had helped Seattle Genetics in growing from the time when it had its IPO in 2001. The corporation has raised over $1.2 billion from private and public funding. It has also made significant profits from selling it therapies.


Netpicks’ Effective Trading Strategy for Choppy Market Conditions

by WilliamV .

Before the prices of financial securities fell drastically early in June, many investors were overconfident about the performance of their investments. But things have taken a turn for the worse and many investors are now very nervous about their portfolios’ performance. This has made the already volatile financial market to be even more turbulent now. However, this does not mean that you should lose hope and wait for the worst to happen. By changing your trading strategy and being proactive, you can make profits from trading in financial securities even when the market is choppy as it is now.

One proactive strategy that has been in use for a long time now and is proven to work is the Lock and Walk strategy designed by Netpicks Trading Strategies. With this strategy, you have to analyze resistance and support levels in the market and make the decision to buy or sell depending on these. It is a strategy for short-term trading when market conditions are turbulent and has had excellent results in the past.

About Netpicks Trading Strategies

Netpicks Trading Strategies has been providing investors with trading education since 1996. The company has the best professionals staff to ensure that its clients receive the very best trading advice and education on everything to do with trading including signals, options, stocks, forex and futures. The professionals themselves are experienced traders, so the strategies they advise investors to use are tried, tested and proven.  For more of NetPicks, check this link.

The training resources provided by Netpicks are easy to understand and are mostly in form of video. The solutions are tailored to the needs of individuals with different goals; so whether you want to trade fulltime or part-time, Netpicks has got you covered. With over 15 years’ experience providing trading advice, Netpicks is your go-to company for anything to do with trading in financial securities.  For an update of their timeline activities, click this.


Trading in financial securities is a great way to supplement your income. However, for you to be successful in trading in financial securities, it is important to understand the basics and use the right trading strategies. Netpicks provides you with all the information you need to trade successfully in various market conditions such as the choppy market conditions currently being experienced.  Check this important message here.

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Andrew Rolfe Helps The Ubuntu Education Fund To Raise $972,960

by WilliamV .

The 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala was held in the recent past. The management of the Fund hoped to raise more than $900,000. The funds raised from the event will be used to expand the Fund’s school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Some of the projects planned by the organizers include the construction of a pediatric clinic. Moreover, they will also enroll more disadvantaged children from the local area. The entity runs a noble program that seeks to take care of underprivileged youths from when they are young until they start their career. Despite lasting the whole night, the organizers accomplished their goal.

The gala was attended by over 300 guests, including well known philanthropists and socialites. Andrew Rolfe welcomed the guests. The audience was moved by inspiring speeches and Xhosa chorals. However, the personal story of Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the attention and hearts of all the attendees. Sinesipho is a beneficiary of the fund.

The Ubuntu Education Fund in Action has been using its vast resources, including manpower to serve more than 400,000 disadvantaged individuals in Africa. At the Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus, needy children are provided with adequate accommodation. The institution ensures that their education and health needs are met. The organization was established in 1999. At the time, the Ubuntu Fund was a small charity that only offered the disadvantaged children with education. Later, the founders of the Fund established that there were other serious concerns like HIV and hunger that was hindering children from attaining their potential through education. To this end, they expanded their offing to include home stability, and nutrition.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the renowned Ubuntu Education Fund, a nonprofit group that offers education, health, and other social services to underprivileged children in Africa. Additionally, Rolfe serves as the managing director of TowerBook Capital Partners. At the company, Rolfe focuses on acquiring companies that engage in hospitality and retail investments across the United States and Europe.

Andrew Rolfe obtained his master’s degree from the prestigious Harvard Business School. He also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford. Previously, he was an executive of the Gap, Inc.


Securus Technologies Finding Escaped Inmates

by WilliamV .

When we have an inmate escape the jail, every law enforcement agency immediately goes on high alert. The reason this fugitive was on the run was because he was able to cut the power to the prison and have enough time to scale the fence before the emergency system kicked on. Unfortunately for us, he had a few hours head start, so we were unable to set up a perimeter to slow him down. Not knowing if he was in town or in another country, we had to wait to see.


Within a few hours of my team getting on the case, we got word of a stole vehicle and home robbery a mile from the prison. This was no coincidence, so we had to take action fast before he could get out of our city. Normally a fugitive will hide out for a few days until they think the heat has died down, then they take off to wherever it is they needed to be. This was the only chance we had, so we decided to turn our focus to the jail to see if anyone knew of this plan and could they provide us information to catch this suspect.


When we found out Securus Technologies recently installed a modern telephone monitoring system in that jail, we knew we could use it to break the case open. The LBS software can detect unique chatter on any subject, and since this Dallas-based company has the same monitoring system in thousands of jails, we were sure it could help. We got the alert one inmate was helping our suspect by allowing his family to offer him a safe house to hide. The inmate didn’t realize what he said could help us in our investigation, and that night we were able to locate the stolen car and suspect too.


NetPicks- Trading Strategy Company

by WilliamV .

NetPicks is an online trading strategy firm, headquartered in Irving, Texas and established in 1996. The company has steadily been the supreme standard in trading education provision. NetPicks focusses on assisting consistent merchants into triumph realization in the markets through day transaction and swing trading services ranging from forex, stocks, and systems to signal, futures, as well as options & ETFs.

Proficient Trading Team

NetPicks is led by Mark Soberman and a team of skilled trading specialists with a rich background in trading familiarity. The company is proud to have complete staff of passionate and qualified traders who help individuals to attain their trading objectives. It has been in operation for individual knowledge in trading for more than 25 years. The firm has experience in trading education for 17 years. Every NetPicks’ training team member have been involved fully in trades and has undergone every sphere concerned with trading sector. Hence, they are familiar with the requirements needed to begin a trading career. NetPicks is committed into ensuring that it offers full support to traders along the way.  Useful info on

Easy Ways of Benefiting from Changing Summer Trading

Change of attitude from investors who gave the impression to be unbeaten in bazaars gives room for uneven markets for the duration of seasonal periods. This is as a result of sell-off of technology sector that extremely changed opinions on Wall Street in the report published on 20th June 2017. Using a practical line of attack, one can benefit from choppy markets surroundings. One of the effective techniques used in the time of uneven markets is known as ‘Lock and Walk,’ and it has been designed from the beginning 0f 2000.  Read updates and blogs on NetPicks’ page.

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”Lock and Walk” Rule

The plan is aimed at respect levels of support as well as that of resistance after they have been tried and ruined in the Nasdaq 100, to ProSharesUltraShort QQQ trade and eventually the ProShares Ultra QQQ. In these rules, resistance to sell is targeted if support is tested by QLD, but if QLD is sold, the support breaks. When resistance is tested by QLD, then you target to sell the support and sell QID if resistance breaks. This strategy is well known to all who apply methodological analysis. To learn more about NetPicks, watch clicks from  It applies like this; when support breaks after buying near support and selling near resistance, you discontinue.

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Choppy Summer Trading Strategies by NetPicks

by WilliamV .

The technology sector faced a selloff in the first week of June. The market condition was unpredictable, and hence it caused several changes. The investors were already very comfortable, they viewed the market as unstoppable. After the fell off, their sentiments have changed, and they are nervous than they have been before. During summer, changes in the market usually occur. However, this summer the change is huge, and there is going to be a material change in sentiments. The arrogance attitude of investors has now changed, the falling off has created a new attitude which will, in turn, open doors for a choppy market environment. While many investors have survived previous summers, this is going to be tricky.

Proactive strategies are a necessity for an investor who wants to take advantage of the situation. One of the many strategies used by NetPicks in such conditions is the lock and walk approach. The strategy which is designed to profit during choppy markets has been profitable since January 2000. Though past performance does not warrant future success, it is worth a trial. The lock and walk strategy rules are very familiar to any investor who has used technical analysis. They require one to buy near support, sell near resistance and if support breaks, step out. Another important rule of lock and walk is that the strategy is designed to shut down when it reaches 67 basis points in gains. It automatically shuts down till the next trading season begins. Useful link here

About NetPicks

Founded in 1996 when online and day trading emerged, the online trading company has consistently held its standards in providing trading tutorials. They offer a broad range of trading, from forex, futures, options, stocks, and EFTs in both day and swing trading. It concentrates on helping regular traders become successful in the markets. With 25 years and 17 years of personal trading and trading education experience respectively, the company is proud of its achievements. Headquartered in Irving Texas, the organization has trained and experienced staff who are passionate about helping the clients reach their trading goals.  Check for additional tips.   All the members of NetPicks coaching team take trade every day. They are actual traders who have experienced highs and lows of trading.  For updates of NetPicks timeline activities, hit on

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Why Lock and Walk Strategy is Appropriate for Netpicks

by WilliamV .


The technology sector selloff has caused a change in the sentiment on Wall Street. Previously, investors viewed the market as being unstoppable since it was dominated by an optimistic and arrogant attitude. Now, the market is experiencing extreme nervousness, which has never been seen before. Therefore, the change in sentiment has provided a great opportunity for a choppy market, particularly during the summer season. This is because of the low volumes of trading activities during the summer months. Succeeding in the choppy market environments requires a proactive strategy, for example, the Lock and Walk strategy. Netpicks, a renowned online trading company, has adopted the Lock and Walk strategy to provide trading education during the summer seasons.

The Strategy

The Lock and Walk strategy has been thriving over the years, especially during the choppy markets era. It was designed to; first, respect support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100 then trades to both the ProShare UltraShort QQQ and the ProShare Ultra QQQ. Moreover, this strategy is applied when support and resistance levels have been either broken or tested. For additional tips, check

The Lock and Walk strategy can be done by a person when he/she has complied with its rules. When ProShare Ultra QQQ tests support, target resistance is sold. On the other hand, when the resistance breaks, then an individual should sell ProShare UltraShort QQQ. These rules are similar to those used to carry out technical analysis. The Lock and Walk strategy is unique because it is designed to shut down when a person has gained 67 points. Thus, the shutdown goes up to the next trading session.   Useful link here

About Netpicks

Netpicks is a leading online trading company that specializes in providing trading education. The company is committed to helping traders to become successful in the markets through providing them with Futures, Stocks, and Forex in both day trading and swing trading. Netpicks has a trading experience of more than 25 years and an exceptional trading education experience of 17 years.

Netpicks’ trading systems were developed to achieve goals including achieving part-time income, full-time career, and completing a task in a few minutes. The company’s staff consists of real traders who are passionate about helping the other traders to accomplish their trading goals. Netpicks has a long-term relationship with its traders since they understand the challenges of trading.  For updates on NetPicks timeline activities, hit

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Livio Bisterzo Introduces HIPPEAS In America’s Food Market

by WilliamV .

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands, started engaging in business at a young age. At the revered University of the Arts London, he was able to establish small income-earning businesses, which helped him manage not only his university life but also sharpened his entrepreneurial skills.

After graduating with honors in B.A in Fashion in 2002, he decided to run a small enterprise that specialized in organizing for and advertising events. This was the job that laid the foundation for his eventual joining of Alvaro Group in 2006.

Green Park Brands Inc.

Alvaro Group operated within the food industry in the United Kingdom and the USA. It particularly specialized in producing and distributing soft drinks in New York, London, and Chicago. In September 2011, Livio opened a new business venture, naming it the Little Miracle Drinks. In 2012, after about five and a half years at Alvaro Group, he relinquished his job at the company so as to concentrate on the new role at Little Miracle Drinks. He held the position until December 2014.

Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Brands Inc. in April of 2015. The firm is based in Los Angeles and has revolutionized the nutrition sector in the United States. The company innovates and develops food products that match the prevailing food market products while at the same time keeping tabs with the cultural and social demands. At the end of it all, Livio and Green Park Brands seeks to change these cultures and how people perceive food in the country.


With an Italian origin, Livio Bisterzo has an ambition of changing the American’s eating habits. Through Green Park Brands, he has introduced foods that are delicious to eat and with a positive health impact. Last year July, he introduced HIPPEAS snacks, which are made from chickpeas to America. To this end, the product keeps gaining more popularity, with most people lauding it for its awesome taste and high nutrition value. Livio told Forbes that he choose chickpeas for the new product because it brought a good texture and had what he termed as hero ingredients. He also noted that growing chickpeas increases soil nutrients since they absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere and channels it to the soil.

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Netpicks: The Best source of Financial Education for Beginners and Professionals

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Netpicks is one of the best online trading education companies on the internet. They are well known for their extensive expertise in the field of finance, that they have made a name for themselves through the information that they can provide to many aspiring stock market enthusiasts and rising financial professionals. The company was first created in 1996, as an everyday run of the mill trading company. Since they have started to grow through their years in the industry, they decided that it would probably be worth more not just to them as a financial firm, but to those who would want to learn this delicate investment scheme. After a few years of hiring professionals with knowledge in different fields of finance, they decided to conduct online training to anyone who wants to learn the business. The company has since then become very popular amongst traders and has been considered the number one choice to acquire new skills and tips with regards to the market.  Useful link on

Netpicks has come up with a lot of different ways on how to tackle everything in the financial sphere, which includes topics like Forex, ETF’s, day trading, swing trading, and Stocks.  Click this link from and learn additional tips from NetPicks.  They have managed to bring a new style to learning, which has, in turn, helped a lot of people from all parts of the globe. The primary focus of the company is to help aspiring traders and experienced trading professionals achieve their financial goals and the ongoing success in the stock market.  Learn more from NetPicks, visit them at their page.

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The company currently holds office in Texas, where a trading professional named Mark Soberman tightly manages it. Mark and his team provide all kinds of information to those who want to learn more about this area of finance and has been driven to help people achieve how to trade effectively.  Visit their website here

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