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Talk Fusion Is Ready for Anything

by WilliamV .

One thing in life is for certain: change is going to happen. Now, this is something that frightens and scares a lot of people. They might have grown comfortable and content with a certain way of life. They want to keep things at the status quo. However, that does not leave any room for growth both as a company and as an individual. If there is anyone that understands that, it is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. He founded and created the company in 2007 because he knew there was a void out there that needed filling and he wanted to be the person to fill that void for others.

The void was happiness. A lot of people were stuck in jobs or suits and they were just plain miserable. As the economy got worse and worse, a lot of people were forced to take jobs that did not bring out the best in them. In fact, it was the opposite. It made them angry people. They started to resent going to work and they dreaded the sound of the alarm clock. Bob Reina saw how tech was changing, and he wanted to change with it. With Talk Fusion, it allowed people the glorious chance to work from home.

This allows them to once again be happy, live out their dreams, and spend time with the people that matter the most to them. That is a tremendous feeling, to say the least. It opens up doors they probably thought were long closed. It all starts with voice, data, and communication, which is something that Talk Fusion excels at, to say the least.

They are getting recognized for this by the the Technology Marketing Corporation. They have won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award, which is their second award from this company in the year 2016.

It only goes to show that 2017 is going to be incredible for Talk Fusion and everyone that uses it. Right now, there are thirty-day free trials for folks that want to fully experience Talk Fusion and all of its benefits.


Public Relations Entrepreneur Discusses his Approach to Business and Life

by WilliamV .

Recently, Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, sat down with Daniel Budzinski on the DreamCast podcast. Mr. Fisher touched on a wide range of issues, including his early start in business and how he balances a hectic work schedule with his personal life.



A chance encounter leads to a career


Mr. Fisher, 31, was originally from New York. Born in Manhattan, the entrepreneur was raised in a loving household by parents which prioritized education and encouraged their son to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and life experiences.


After high school, Fisher moved to California, where he pursued a degree in economics. It was during college that he first realized that he had a knack for running and building his own businesses. He largely supported himself through college by selling used furniture on Craigslist that he bought from distressed sellers. This experience sealed his love for self-employment.


Darius Fisher relates how, through sheer luck, he was at a bar with some of his friends when he met a lady who was in political consulting. It so happened that she was looking for interns and encouraged Mr. Fisher and his friends to apply. Being just 22 and recently out of work, Fisher jumped on the opportunity. Soon he was rubbing shoulders with some of the state’s heaviest political players. The young Fisher, who says that he didn’t even know what political consulting was at the time, spent the next few months making lasting connections with political consultants, lobbyists and crisis managers. This set him on the course to becoming an entrepreneur in the online reputation management space.


He saw the sums that were being paid for managing the reputations of high-profile individuals. Yet many of the consultants and other professionals he worked with were much older, having little to no understanding of the many different technology channels that were becoming ever more important to people’s overall reputation.


Fisher saw that, by concentrating solely on the all-important area of online reputation management, he could create a niche in which there were very few competitors and no one who really knew what they were doing. He eventually founded Status Labs and, in so doing, drove his company to become the nation’s number-one online reputation management firm.


Julie Zuckerberg: A Fierce Talent Recruiter

by WilliamV .

It is one thing to have the right employees and another to retain them. Same case as having a team that can recognize employees that are right not only for the position but those that are compatible with the company’s goals mission and vision. Executive recruiters play a vital role in every organization. They make sure that the employees being recruited share the company’s direction and are not there for the time being. At this era, money and resources are invested in companies’ recruitment and selection tasks to make sure that employees are attracted and retained in the company.

Julie Zuckerberg is a high achieving executive recruiter based in the Greater New York City Area. She is the current executive talent acquisition lead for the company at Deutsche Bank. Here, she is tasked with the duties of working alongside business leaders in various sectors with the aim of acquiring talents and coming up with strategies to make sure that recruitment process goes as planned. She is also in charge of the recruiters’ team making sure that their roles are well coordinated and also providing counsel and advice to the executive leaders regarding the strategies on recruitment. Her knack for seeing that the best are recruited granted her a promotion to her current position from being the vice president, executive recruiter. Here she worked alongside hiring managers and the reward team to ensure that the right directors were hired and that the process was in compliance with the laws set aside. She also managed contracts, designed and helped with the implementation of CCAR and IHC.

Between November 2013 and February 2014, she worked at New York Life Insurance Company as the corporate vice president recruiting lead. She managed the relationships with the clients and led the recruitment process in outsourcing talents. Julie also worked for Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. For the six years she worked at the organization, Julie was mandated with the roles of advising the senior executive management she was a part of recruiting the senior most directors for the company and also negotiated job offers that posed a challenge and complex to the company. she also worked as the company’s executive recruiter before her position was elevated to a senior most.

Julie Zuckerberg is a role model for many other recruiters out there. She has more than fifteen years of experience recruiting and training talents to make sure that they are in sync with the company she is recruiting for. It is not easy to read someone in a job interview especially because we rehearse for days before a major interview. However, with the years in the business recruiting talents nationally and globally Julie has tonnes of knowledge and skills on knowing those that are best suited for the organization and those that are not. Besides experience, she attributes her career growth to her degree in philosophy and a law degree from New York Law School. With her knowledge and experience she indeed is an expert in talent recruitment.

Entrepreneurial Success of Hussain Sajwani

by WilliamV .

Hussain is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. He is one of the most successful real estate developers in the Middle East. He grew up in a middle-class family in Dubai. His family was running a shop, selling Parker pens, goods from China and shirts. He elaborates that dinner table conversations were mainly on business.

He showed great efforts in school, which earned him government scholarship to the United States in 1978. Sajwani was among the first wave of students the UAE’s government sent to America for studies. Hussain graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in industrial engineering and economics.

Early in life, he showed character of a risk taker and used to sell time-share apartments in the UAE. Upon graduation, he worked in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries on contracts in the finance department. His work was a revelation to how lucrative selling services can be. Two years later, he started a catering business using his time-share sales as capital.

He founded DAMAC in 1992 as a specialist catering company. The company flourished as he landed customers like US Military and Bechtel, the American construction giant. The company supplied meals to US armed forces in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanistan, and Bosnia.

Over and over again, Sajwani has purchased and developed properties in Dubai teaming up with global luxury brands like Bugatti, Fendi, and Versace in apartment designs. Currently, he is working with Donald Trump to develop golf courses.

Recently, Hussain is working on Akoya community, which is on 964 acres, 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai and features lavish villa mansion apartments with its retail center. Trump golf course is the centerpiece of the property.

According to Forbes Magazine, Hussain Sajwani is the 527th richest man in the world with a net worth of $3.5 billion and owns 85 percent of DAMAC properties.



Newcomers: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket says investment guru Sam Tabar

by WilliamV .

What are Sam Tabar’s investment tips for 2017? Are people willing to make financial solutions for this year? Apparently so. Tabar, who hails from Columbia Law School, and is a well-known attorney and strategist, says that for those looking to increase their net worth, they need to properly plan for retirement. But the investment world can also overwhelm these newcomers.

But Tabar comes off as cautionary. For people who want to get their portfolios filled out, commodity trading investing is not as safe as mutual funds and more traditional bets. For the new person to investing, he does not recommend commodity trading, referring to it as a volatile sector.

Private business, says Tabar, is another alternative to investing in more traditional stock markets. What’s on the rise? Social Entrepreneurship. A good opportunity, to Tabar, is investing in social startups. It was noted that Tabar recently invested in his own manufacturer, called THINX. It manufactures socially conscious women’s undergarments.

But what is most important for an investor? A properly diverse portfolio.

Tabor recommends this because newcomers can get caught up in new and exciting investments but all good things come to an end. Make sure to not have all your eggs in one basket is what he is saying to newbies. Newby investors want to be available when a hot stock blows in.

Tabor has one piece of advice on investing though that stands out from the rest: The ‘present’ is the best time to start investing. Don’t look back one day and think ‘you wish you had!’

Tabor is currently working out of New York City as a prominent attorney and capital strategist.After graduating from Columbia Law School, Tabar worked as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. While he was with that firm, he began more closely counseling clients on how to form a successful hedge fund as well as issue with employment, investment management agreements, private placement memoranda, regulatory and compliance issues and side letters.

Tabor later joined SPARK Group Co/PMA Investment Advisors, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP before leaving that firm in 2014.

Brian Bonar Builds An Impressive Financial Industry Legacy

by WilliamV .

There are few financial industry executives who can claim to have maintained their position over the period of time Brian Bonar has remained an integral figure in the U.K. and global financial sector. Unlike many of his contemporaries Bonar has carved out an impressive career by concentrating his efforts on a single area of the financial sector, namely the provision of services for small and medium sized businesses that may struggle to keep up to date with all their financial requirements.

The career of Brian Bonar has lasted over 30 years and taken in a range of industrial sectors after the graduate of Stafford University began his career in engineering with IBM; even in these early stages of his career Bonar was seeking to break into the financial sector as he combined his technical engineering skills with the role of procurement manager. The experience of combining his engineering and financial skills seemed to form a new way of looking at the business world for Brian Bonar as he sought to explore sales and financial roles for a number of different companies.

Eventually, Brian Bonar found the perfect company to showcase his expertise when he joined the impressive Dalrada business in 1992 as Director of Technology Sales in 1992. Since taking on this first role with Dalrada the position of Bonar himself and the company as a whole has developed to new and interesting areas of success, particularly as the Dalrada brand has continued to evolve under the leadership of Bonar that began in 1999 when he was appointed Chairman of the company.

Brian has remained one of the most impressive entrepreneurs and business executives in the U.K. and around the world for small and medium businesses throughout the 21st century. Unwilling to stand still in the business and financial world, Bonar has developed his own Trucept company that has been created to expand on the work already undertaken by Dalrada; Trucept looks to develop strategies for aiding companies complete their payroll, administration, and employee benefits tasks in a simple and offsite manner.

Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

by WilliamV .

Christopher Burch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Creative Burch Capital Company. He is a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur based in the United States. For more than four decades of professional experience, Christopher Burch has led to the rise of more than 50 companies and businesses in the United States. Christopher Burch has also resulted in the contribution of high-end capabilities in the line of management and strategic moves in this region. He is also a member of The Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital Company.


Christopher Burch has worked to become a successful investor since 1976. When he was still a student in college, he founded his first company in the line of fashion. He grew the company to become worth more than $160 million before he sold it out. He founded the company together with his brother with only $2,000. The Eagles Apparel Company was sold to the Swire Group when it was worth $165 million.


Christopher Burch is also one of the earliest investors of the Internet. Because he has the capability to fill the gap between demand and supply, he has succeeded in the business world without favor. He has also continued to become a major stakeholder in technology implementation and innovation on a massive scale. Because he understands customer relations, he has worked to become an investor in this line of duty. He is also a manager at the superior sourcing capability to a have better business understanding.


Christopher Burch has investments in numerous companies in the United States. For domestic companies, he has more than half of his wealth. He is also an independent investor in other international enterprises and entities. He has luxury homes in New York, Florida, the Palm Beach, and Nantucket. In the recent past, he acquired the Nihiwatu luxury resort in the United States.


According to Christopher Burch, the technology industry is one of the most prominent parts of the company. Because he works to defend the community through innovation and fashion, he has successfully developed high-end businesses in this line of industry. The technology and fashion industries have seen numerous changes in the recent past. As a matter of fact, the two industries are considered seamless. Because they grow together, they have become a single entity in business. When fashion grows with technology, it becomes technologically fashionable. When technology grows with fashion, it becomes fashionable. For this reason, we might consider looking at past events.

Madison Street Capital helps in the growth of Ares Security

by WilliamV .


Madison Street Capital recently worked with the Ares Security in a minority recapitalization transaction. Ares Security is an excellent firm that offers state-of-the-art technology that is used in safeguarding some of the most valuable stuff in the world. Ben Eazzetta, who is a shareholder and president of the firm, thanked Madison for offering excellent services during the investment deal. According to Reginald McGaugh, Madison has an outstanding management team that assisted Ares securities in determining the most reliable financing partner.


Ares Security’s president expressed his gratitude to the Madison Street Capital for the support that they offered in 2016. He said that the whole process impressed him from the hard work, assessment analysis, and sourcing funds. The staff of the investment advisor put in a lot of work to find an appropriate financing partner that will allow Ares to have a better capital structure. The security firm considers Corbel as the best company that can innovatively establish a notable equity worth. Corbel has elastic capital services and effective partnership that will assist the business to carry on with its sales potential as well as take advantage of the emerging revenue opening that will be offered by the Corbel’s excellent network. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a renowned equity fund that has been operational since 2013. It manages about $95 million.


Ares Security Corporation has gained a good reputation for the excellent protection that it offers to highly valuable assets. The firm is currently based in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. It is considered as one of the world’s top companies that provide security risk control services. The solutions of the enterprise guard highly sophisticated systems that are run by the government, energy, transportation, and nuclear industries.


Madison Street Capital is a global leader in the provision of investment banking services. The firm is always devoted to offering its solutions with integrity, service, excellence, and leadership. It has majored in merger and acquisitions, estimations of the worth of public and privately held businesses, and financial opinions. The services of Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding due to its guidance that assists clients to be prosperous in the international markets. It always considers a client’s projects as its own whenever it takes it on. It helps customers in M&A transactions, raising capital, transferring ownership, and offers financial guidance. Madison Street Capital considers new markets as a major factor that can assist its clients to grow successfully in the international markets. It is highly trusted by customers due to the professionalism that it displays when carrying out transactions.


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Brad Reifler Doesn’t Want Anyone To Miss Out On The Benefits Of Investing

by WilliamV .

In today’s world, investing has often become synonymous with only rich people or finance gurus and may even be looked down on by the other 99% of America. But Brad Reifler believes it doesn’t have to be so and he says that even though many things about the movie Money Monster that are true, there are still amazing opportunities that can come from investing. Investors just need to heed some words of advice before they jump into investing.

Brad Reifler’s first word of advice is not to just simply invest in the stock market, but to look at other opportunities for funds. Yes, the stock market can have some very good investments that can bring high returns, but it could also be a very volatile place to invest in. Second, Reifler says it’s just as important to know who you’re investing with as it is to choose the type of investment. This is because you don’t want to invest with a company that has a bad reputation for making profits regardless of your portfolio performance. And lastly, Brad Reifler says you have to have an investment objective and stick to it and not get sidetracked by any bells and whistles that fund managers might offer you.

Reifler has built several companies that developed quite a reputation for investment strategies. The first was a discretionary account and global derivatives management company, Reifler Trading Company. Reifler owned this company from 1982 to 2000 before selling it to Refco Inc. He also built Pali Capital, a hedge fund and broker in the equities market that actually did not place control over where clients funds were invested in, but rather helped develop an investment strategy for the portfolio managers to execute. It did well in excess of $1 billion in income and built offices all over the world. And then Reifler started Forefront Capital, a company that started out as a portfolio manager to the wealthy clients, but soon moved towards middle class investors.

Brad Reifler wanted to serve middle class investors because once he had started a college savings investment fund that he had hoped would have enough in it for his daughters when the time came to withdraw. Unfortunately, the money was actually less than what Reifler had put into it. He also once tried to invest his father’s lifesavings in a good IRA account, but he couldn’t find a good one because his father was unaccredited. So after consulting with the SEC, Reifler was able to open an alternative investment fund at Forefront Capital for even non-accredited investors who could start investing in it for as little as $1,000.