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Hussain Sajwani: A Remarkable Entrepreneur and a Selfless Philanthropist.

by WilliamV .

Hussain Sajwani is a reputed businessman and entrepreneur from Dubai. He is known for founding DAMAC Properties; a global Property development organization. He boasts to be one of the founders of the real estate expansion business in the desert city. He began his ventures in the 90’s when he built some hotels to house the swelling number of persons traveling to the Emirates for trade and business. Hussain Sajwani later took advantage of the market niche in the industry in 2002 and founded DAMAC Properties. This is a company that has grown to be one of the leading real estate companies in the entire Middle East.


DAMAC Properties brags to employ an estimated 2000 people. The company is publicly listed, and its shares are traded on the Dubai Financial Market. When it comes to luxury properties development, DAMAC is one company that has displayed an unbeatable track record to date. In its remarkable portfolio, DAMAC is responsible for developing over 16,800 homes and over 44,000 units.


Hussain Sajwani has done business with some of the world’s moguls. One of his most cordial relationships is between him and business mogul president of the US Donald Trump. The two real estate tycoons are known to have collaborated in the building of the Trump International Golf Club. This is a place where luxury villas have hit sales of about $ 2 billion. Hussain Sajwani said that their relationship with Trump was beyond just business as the two spent the New Year’s Eve together.


Hussain Sajwani is also known for his outstanding charitable contributions to better his community. As per a post on his Twitter handle, Hussain said that it was not about charity but more about sharing. Through DAMAC Properties, he donated one million AED to the #UAECompassion campaign. The campaign was towards supporting refugees in Lebanon and Jordan affected by snowstorm Huda in the Levant region. He has also supported the Tarahamu campaign with donations to the UAE Red Crescent (This is the organization that delivered aid to the areas that were most affected). Speaking on the Huda snowstorm issue, he said, “It is our humanitarian duty to do whatever we can for our brothers facing unthinkable cold winter away from their homes.”


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Quality, Protection and Fantastic Results, WEN by Chaz

by WilliamV .

Maintaining healthy hair is possible even with a busy schedule. We get used to the same routine and don’t realize the changes in our hair. Hair may need more moisture because of the use of heating tools on hair, or a cold winter might rob the hair of oils and luster. Questions about the frequency of washing hair abounds. Should we wash it every day, every other day or even less? The answer is different for everyone and the damaging effects lasting. A solution is available.

Using cleansing conditioners offers an alternative to the daily shampooing we traditionally use. It adds balance to regiments usually harmful to your scalp and hair. WEN by Chaz is an affordable, superior product for all hair types, no matter the state of your hair WEN by Chaz is sure to meet your needs. The products include cleansing conditioners for natural, wavy, curly, fine and very fine hair. Each conditioner gently cleanses the hair and conditions it with just the right ingredients for specific hair types. Each strand gets the perfect amount of solution. The ingredients in the cleansing conditioners include Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary, Mint and other natural ingredients. Every element in WEN by Chaz products enhance, soften, adds sheen and luster to your hair.

WEN by Chaz is a popular product because it offers a positive alternative to daily shampooing. Cleansing conditioners offer several benefits to your hair. First, cleansing conditioners contain emulsifiers which prevent oils from clinging to the hair. Many people wash their hair with shampoo daily. This dries out the hair because of the harsh chemicals in the shampoo. Next, cleansing conditioners hydrates hair. Some hair textures need more hydration than others, so be sure to choose the correct product for your hair type.

Chaz Dean, an avid photographer who moved to Los Angeles and completed cosmetology school soon after he moved there. He worked in a high-end Beverly Hills salon and eventually bought it. He steadily added to his clientele. Wen by Chaz promotes healthy hair products which add to your hair instead on stripping it of the natural oils and sheen. These products reform the standard daily approach to washing and caring for your hair in a more gentle method.

So, now you know you can manage your hair and keep it fresh, robust and strong. Time management and quality products keep you feeling and looking good. It doesn’t take a long time and adds nutrients, moisture and protection to your hair.

Property Estimated Returns to Be Determined Using an App – Davos CAP Calculator

by WilliamV .

Davos Real Estate Group has released a new Application dubbed Davos CAP Calculator. By using this application, customers will determine the estimated returns of the said real estate prior purchasing.


Davos Financial Group is an international financial group that boasts of being the leader for over two decades in the Latin American market. This company also is a leader in offering financial advice to its clients. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is a constituent independent company of Davos Financial Group of companies. Davos Real Estate Group’s business objectives include formulating investment strategies that are tailored to meet the expectations of the clients.


Gerard González is the Davos REG executive director, and over the last six months, he has worked with Tecknolution, to design and develop the Application. This calculator can approximate the gains of an investment property the moment all the expenses associated with it are put into consideration.


Currently, the application is accessible using an Android or iOS device. REG believes that this initial application is only the start and that customers should expect a series of apps that are able to identify properties through the phone, forward real estate’s reports to agents at Davos through an interactive chat.


According to David Osio, Davos REG direction is in line with their business objective. He says that the app will assist in financially guiding their customers whenever investing in real estates in the US. On his part, Gerard González says the tool will help investors to have a clearer financial vision when buying property.

David J Osio is the CEO and founder of a Venezuela-based Davos Financial Group of companies. The company was started in 1993, and since then David, has relentlessly provided financial advice to his customers.


David went to Catholic University Andres Bello where he graduated with specialized studies in Advanced Management Program in International Banking Law. In 1981, he began his career, then as President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He also held an executive position at the LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES.


In 1984, he put his banking law knowledge into practice by joining MGO in Caracas. It was in 1993 that he decided to go solo and started his own Davos Financial Group of companies, which is to this day setting the pace as far as financial advice is concerned.

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Educational Professional Makes a Huge Transition into Economic Sector

by WilliamV .

In today’s technology driven world, it is more important than ever before to have a good grounding in many technological related fields. One of the best ways to learn is to start early. Students who are comfortable with math and science are students who are likely to grow up confident learners capable of taking on the world.

This is a process that financial and technology expert Alexei Beltyukov knows well. As someone who has sought after educational opportunities at every turn, he wants others to be able to do the same thing and find the sort of academic success that has been his. He seeks out ways to help students today find the kind of love of academics that has been a major motivating force in his own life.

Many Impressive Credentials

In his life, Alexei Beltyukov has proudly explored many areas of academics and business pursuits. His credentials include a medical school degree, allowing him to get a firsthand look at the human body. In addition to his degree in medicine, he also holds a Master’s in Business Administration, allowing him to understand the field of business as well as that of medicine. As a result of his dedication to various fields, Alexei  Beltyukov has also been equally successful as an entrepreneur. His latest venture is dedicated to the field of academics yet again.

Helping Students Understand Math

Students need to understand math. This is a process that Beltyukov knows well. Consequently, he has worked hard in order to help students explore this subject. His latest venture is called Solvy. Solvy is a new concept that helps to connect students and teachers alike, to the benefit of both.

As the Chief Operating Officer of this new technology, he hopes to help bring it to life to students all over the country who he knows can benefit from greater involvement in math education and closer attention to their individualized learning process. The new one is that he hopes will offer much needed math help to students and allow to become confident and happy math learners for the rest of their lives.

Flavio Maluf Determined To Keep Eucatex Successful

by WilliamV .

Brazilian businessman Flavio Maluf is the driving force behind the success of Eucatex. The company is currently one of the largest suppliers of panels, boards, paints and laminate flooring. The company, founded in 1952, has been in good hands under Maluf’s leadership.

Born in Sao Paulo, Maluf studied mechanical engineering at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He moved to the U.S. for a year then returned to his homeland to work for Eucatex. At the time, he uncle was the CEO.

Maluf jumped at the challenge, moving to all parts of the company so he could learn every aspect. It wasn’t long before he was invited to join the executive structure of the Eucatex Group. Maluf’s contribution was a resounding success.

In 1997, he was named President. He knew that the only way the company would continue to succeed was by making some tough changes. The first order of business was shaking up the executive structure. Maluf then completed a complete revamping of the manufacturing facilities to make them among the best in South America.

Eucatex just opened a new manufacturing plant in the city of Salto. Maluf is determined to keep Eucatex successful in the 21st century and beyond. The company has a clear focus on the environmental sustainability and forest preservation. The Eucatex Recycling Program introduced by Maluf helps preserve 1 million trees and over 15 million liters of water.

Maluf’s philanthropic efforts are well known. He gives generously to a number of organizations to help the needy and underprivileged.

Jason Hope, Arizona’s Hope for a Better Future

by WilliamV .

Jason Hope is a well known technology entrepreneur and businessman. His ventures focus on medical research along with developing apps for desk and gaming software. Hope earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance along with his MBA from the University of Arizona. Technology is being used now more than ever to help promote human wellness. Hope thrives on technology gains and is a self proclaimed futurist. Hope provides his expertise to businesses and individuals by advising them on how to create new technology to help advance their business.

Having a solid education like Jason Hope’s can further you in the industry, but sometimes, that isn’t enough to earn success. As an investor himself, Hope understands first-hand how tough it is for younger entrepreneurs get their idea marketed. That is why he funds grants for high school seniors and college students that have impressive ideas, but lack the means to make them happen.

Jason Hope’s passion about the future of mankind shows through his various philanthropies that help provide support and research for fighting the effects of aging. Hope has pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation. This nonprofit organization works to promote the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies. With Hope’s contribution, this organization can help improve the healthcare system, pharmaceutical industry along with the biotech industries. While helping fund research to improve the quality of life for mankind, Hope is also involved with his personal charity event, Hope Charity Flag Football Game for First Responders. This event is also known as Battle of the Badges. Hope has took note of the devastating losses America is facing with first responders over the past year. He wants to raise awareness and support for the financial burdens police officers, firefighters, EMS, and military personal face when injured in the line of duty.

Jason Hope has led an impressive career and life so far and the future is certainly in his favor. He will continue to make headlines with his generosity and his ability to see the world from a futuristic point of view. Thanks to Hope, research and technology investments can be funded by him to better our future.

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My Christmas made Merry by Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit

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Merry Christmas to Securus Technologies. I just had to send you a note of thanks. You helped make this the best Christmas ever. I was actually becoming kinda sad because we had family coming in for the holidays. I was torn whether to go see my son or stay at home and entertain my elders.It is such a long and tiresome drive to the jail where he is serving time. I am tired before we even start our visit. On the way home, I can barely keep my eyes open. It is an all day affair. I love to visit my son and encourage him. But it does take a toll on my body and soul. I was told about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit right in the middle of November. This was perfect as it gave me time to check it out. I was very happy about the program offered to inmates and their families. It seemed to be just what I needed in my upcoming holiday dilemma. And I especially thought it was kind of Securus Technologies to have the thought to help in this way.

I signed up and was approved for a Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. I was elated. I applied just in time. You know you have to give the system time to process the proper paperwork. I was notified with instructions and a time of my visit. It was similar to when I am able to visit my son in person. When the time came, I followed my directions to a tee. I hadn’t been that excited in a long time. When I saw my son live on the video cam, all I could do was cry. He thought I was sad. I had to explain to him how much of a relief it was to visit him this way. Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit was the perfect gift for me. We were both there live, and yet I was in my home, safe and secure. What a Christmas blessing. Even my relatives were able to peep in and say a short hello. I really didn’t want to share my time with him, even with kinfolks.

You will never know how you made my Christmas extra merry Securus Technologies. This Christmas Video Visit is something I want to continue all through the year if possible.My son enjoyed the visit also.Thanks to you Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.

Betting on College Football Games

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If you want to be sure that you are able to earn some money on sports, one of the best things you can do is bet money on college football games. Doing this provides you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the many different teams that play on a regular basis and throughout the course of many different conferences. College football is such an expansive sport, so if you are looking to put some money down on games, it will require you to learn as much as you can about all of the teams.

By learning this information, along with football odds, you will have the opportunity to truly maximize on the money that can be earned. This information will allow you to make bets that are wise and sound — particularly if you have a hunch that an upset will occur. This is one of the greatest ways that you can earn a significant and substantial amount of money by betting on college football.

As a word of advice, you can check out to learn a bit more about sports betting and to gain an inside edge on betting on college football games. This is a website completely dedicated to sports betting that tells you the football odds on a game by game basis and also provides up-to-the-minute news related to sports betting world. This site can be helpful to you whether you are a novice sports better or someone who makes a career out of it. This site has won over the sports betting community by large and for good reason.

It is very integral that you continuously check out football odds to learn as much as you can about the games that will be played on a particular day. Going about it in this manner will allow you to be sure that you are in good hands and able to play sports bets in a way that makes the absolute most sense to you. This way, you will be spending your money wisely and will increase the odds that you will win on a bet. There are a lot of conferences in college football and you can assist your efforts by the drop in but to learn more. They can also provide you with some great sports books to check out if you’re looking to open up a new account somewhere.

Livio Bisterzos Has a Success in Hippeas

by WilliamV .

Starbuck’s buyers had recently noticed a void in the food offerings that they have for their customers. They needed to add more grab-and-go snack food offerings that they could easily sell in the drive thru and to their in and out customers that they see by the thousands every day in their stores across the United States. The problem is, it needs to be a great product that is both creative and affordable to fit into the archetype set forth by the Starbuck’s brand. They think they have hit the mark with their latest product offering. It is a product that has only been on the market for a couple of months and it is called Hippeas.

Hippeas is a chickpea-based puffed snack. The brand exists under that parent company of Green Park Holdings which is led by CEO Livio Bisterzo. More on him later. Some may wonder why chickpeas would be chosen as a source for a new snack food. This is because of two different factors. The first factor is that chickpeas are one of the most popular food items for vegans everywhere. The second factor is that it can present a lot of great nutritional value in a very small package.

For more information, find Livio Bisterzo on Facebook.

Because the snack food is completely based on chickpeas, Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks) fit into a lot of different categories when it comes to things that Starbuck’s was looking for in a snack food. The snack is vegan. It is also gluten-free and kosher. This means that people shopping at Starbuck’s can eat the snack quickly and on the go no matter what their dietary restrictions are. The food will be available in almost 8,000 stores nationwide. Hippeas are available at Starbuck’s in two different flavors; vegan white cheddar and Far Our Fajita. These two flavors are broad enough to satsify the taste of just about anyone.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Holdings, the parent company of Hippeas. He had the idea for the product in order to fulfill what he saw as a void in the global snack food market. The chickpea puffs were just recently released on the market in April 2016. They have already been picked up by Starbuck’s and other food retailers since then.

Bisterzo got his start in marketing in the late 1990s. He then moved on to more entrepreneurial pursuits in the early 2000s. He created Green Park Holdings last year in an effort to move into the snack food industry. Hippeas is a great company with a socially conscious slant as they give portions of their profits to chickpea farmers in Africa.

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Sam Tabar And His New Task At FullCycle Energy Fund

by WilliamV .

Sam Tabar is a revered capital strategist. He launched his profession as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. That was after completing his studies at the prestigious Columbia Law School. Recently, Sam was announced as the FullCycle Energy Fund’s new chief operating officer. Being an experienced attorney and fund manager, FullCycle Energy Fund made a great choice. As the new COO, Sam brings on board years of experience in fund management strategy to the company.

Previously, Sam Tabar led capital strategy as well as marketing in multinational companies like Sparx Group and Merrill Lynch. He provided fund managers with targeted introduction while working for Merrill Lynch. The introductions to institutional investors included family offices, endowments, pensions, foundations, and funds of funds. Additionally, Sam consulted on legal and operations. He also facilitated the creation of inventive back and front office teams at the firm. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Sam worked as the co-head of marketing at Sparx Group, which is Asia Pacific’s leading independent fund. He controlled the firm’s international marketing endeavors.

Sam’s career accomplishments as well as education background are very impressive. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oxford. Sam graduated with honors. Following graduation from Oxford, Sam attended Columbia University Law School. He graduated with a Masters of Law. While at Columbia, Sam served as the editor of the renowned Columbia Business Law Journal. He is a member of the New York State Bar. He has also worked with leading law firms including Schulte, Roth and Zabel.

He noted that he was thrilled about the new appointment to lead Full Cycle Energy Fund. His focus will be on moving away from polluting fuels to fuels, which are environmentally friendly. His new home, FullCycle Energy Fund, was established in 2013. The company was formed to finance as well as run projects that revolutionize the energy industry. That is by turning waste, which is an environmental challenge, into a clean and valuable energy.

Additionally, Sam Tabar is an exceptional investor. He was part of SheThinx’s primary investors. The firm is designed to enhance the female sanitation market. It also aims to empower women globally.