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An Integration of Education and Technology

by WilliamV .

Classdojo is an exciting and academic-minded take on the social media craze. Developed from an idea that he had while witnessing the education system of the United States, United Kingdom native Sam Chaudhary returned to his home country and along with his friend Liam Don, created a kid friendly communication program. The idea was fairly simple; produce a social media platform that could be used in a classroom environment to help regulate classroom management for teachers and allow students to build friendships and rapport with one another in the process.

Classdojo allows students the opportunity to connect to one another and share videos, photos and schoolwork with one another, their teacher, and interestingly enough, their parents as well. Parents are given the opportunity to maintain constant monitoring abilities on what their young scholars are currently working on in class. This feature makes Classdojo a valuable instrument in parent-student interaction and gives parents more peace of mind for the activities being presented to their children when they are not physically present.

Another interesting feature to Classdojo is the behavior system. When students first create their profile for the application they are given an avatar that looks like a cute, small monster. Teachers have the ability to either give these avatars positive points for having a good attitude and following classroom rules and policies, or they can have these points taken away for disruptive behavior practices. Since parents can monitor what happens on their child’s account they are able to see these point differences and can then have a general idea of how their child is operating in class.

With a robust and user friendly interface, Classdojo provides an excellent basis for classroom based communication. The application acts as a social media program, but is limited to who the teacher allows into each grouping, making the environment safe for the children involved. Since social media is currently popular the students will feel more involved and interested in Classdojo and will therefore be more engaged in the application itself.

In a world that is currently moving quickly to a more online presence it only makes sense for more education based applications to appear for use. Technology is going to continue to advance and move forward and schools need to move as well.

Classdojo has become an extremely popular application and is used in over one third of all classrooms in the United States.


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The Many Benefits of Pure, Natural Shea Butter

by WilliamV .

Shea butter is a natural fat that is extracted from the nut of a Shea tree and refined to create a creamy product that is used either alone or as an ingredient in beauty products. This amazing butter is known around the world and has been used for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. Even during the reign of Cleopatra there are accounts of it as a desirable product that was stored in clay jars and sold for a great profit. The butter was used then to treat skin injuries and protect the skin and hair from wind and sun damage.

Shea butter remains a valuable beauty product. It contains high levels of Vitamins A, E and F and moderate SPF levels. It is useful for smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines and moisturizing the skin. Because the butter contains lupeol cinnamate (cinnamic acid) it also works as an anti-inflammatory for the skin. It helps to heal chapped lips and faces, prevents stretch marks during pregnancy and as a body lotion. It can also be added to liquid foundation to make it easier to smooth on makeup and keep the skin looking fresh.

Shea butter is found in numerous cosmetic products, but many people prefer to buy the butter in as pure a form as possible. This makes it easier to have more flexibility in how it is used and to benefit as much as possible from its natural properties. One company that offers this is Their butter is all-natural and is guaranteed to be fresh and at least 95 percent Shea rather than mostly fillers or perfumes like many other products. The purity level makes it a concentrated product that will provide the most benefit with every use.

In addition to EuGenia Shea offering a natural product they also guarantee it is harvested, refined and packaged at the source. The company purchases only from local farms offering sustainable products. Their company helps small businesses and family-owned farms to earn income and provides employment to numerous people in developing communities. In addition, the company assists the women in these countries that are working with them to meet their own goals including helping to feed their family and give their children a higher education.

Richard Blair Tells Homeowners the Risks to Consider When Renting Portions of Homes Temporarily

by WilliamV .

Renting portions of a home on Airbnb has its problems that can be an inconvenience and unexpected for homeowners. Although it’s a fast way to earn additional income, renters who occupy spaces may cause damages, which isn’t covered in homeowners’ insurance policies. The final result may include legal ramifications and substantial financial losses. Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions in Texas tells homeowners to consider the risks and issues involved in renting properties to temporary tenants. The three important issues he advises property owners to consider are risks, insurance coverage, and enough protection.


Mr. Blair has confidence that considering those issues and obtaining commercial homeowners insurance will limit and/or eliminate those risks and issues. He placed risks at the top of the list of issues to consider before renting parts of owned properties. Tenants cause various risks, including property damages, theft, damage to neighbor’s properties, and the possibility of frivolous lawsuits. They may also cause financial problems by paying late, avoiding & refusal to make payments, and destroying property. Risks are important to consider, and only commercial homeowner’s insurance coverage provides the financial protection and peace of mind.


Never assume traditional homeowner’s insurance coverage is enough protection. Homeowners who owns a tradition insurance policy must also purchase a commercial policy, as well. Insurance coverage is the second issue homeowners should consider when renting temporarily. Traditional homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover home rentals to tenants. If a tenant causes problems and damages, that means the homeowner is liable for expenses for repairs and legal suits.


Homeowners who rent properties on Airbnb must take into account the site only offers a secondary coverage for home rental properties. It’s not enough protection and requires property owners to possess commercial coverage on the portion of house rented temporarily, on a consistent basis. Insurance coverage relieves the homeowner of financial distress in the event of issues and risks.


Before renting rooms and portions of homes, consult with an experienced Investment Advisor and reputable insurance company. Richard Blair has over 22 years of experience in the financial and investment industry. He founded Wealth Solution, a registered investment advisory firm, in 1994. Mr. Blair is a registered Investment Advisor and Certified Annuity Specialist in the State of Texas. He informs his clients and prospective clients of recent advice that can be used to make strategic investment decisions, such as temporary property rentals.

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A Brief History Behind IAP Worldwide Success

by WilliamV .

For over 60 years, IAP has built a reputation as a reliable and responsible market leader in the provision of Global-scale logistics, technical services, advanced facilities and professional management. According to IAP Worldwide website, the company operates in unexpected areas and events, including overseas battlefields and natural disasters areas. Its operations are backed by military installations, civilian facilities and remote research laboratories. IAP has a strong workforce of 1,600 employees spread across 110 plus locations in over 20 countries around the world. Some of the landmark events that have occurred in the company’s history include its founding in 1990 as a specialized logistics and procurement company. During that period, the company entered into a contract with the US Army to supply generators to support Operation Desert Storm from a base in Saudi Arabia.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

In 2004, IAP held government services contracts totaling $370 million, a fact that made the company a logistical leader and government partner. In 2006, IAP acquired a British Engineering company called G3, which operates in several countries and territories around the world. G3 offers a wide range of services and solutions targeting government, private commercial and international clients. One of the solutions includes provision of deployable modular systems for fixed infrastructure. The division is also well-positioned to design, operate and maintain facilities and support equipments in remote and harsh environments. In 2014, the Cape Canaveral, Florida based company completed a major restructuring and recapitalization process that saw the installation of a new management board. One year later, IAP made several acquisitions aimed at increasing its capacity to serve its fast expanding market.

A report published on PRNewswire reveals that IAP snapped Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) and Aviation and Logistics (A&L) business units from DRS Technologies. The CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Mr. Doug Kitani told PRNewswire that these units will be integrated into IAP’s National Security Programs division to serve US and international clients in order to boost customer satisfactions. IAP has also invested a lot of resources to develop and support programs that add value to the company’s workers. The programs include creating a satisfying work environment and promoting IAP core values built on the foundations of responsibility, respect, ingenuity, purpose and integrity. Besides its core disaster contingency services, the company is also involved in supporting various environmental and humanitarian projects aimed at improving the lives of people around the world.

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The Rich Resume Of Kenneth Goodgame

by WilliamV .

Kenneth Goodgame is an influential operations management expert. Through innovative marketing strategies and merchandising, Kenneth has created innumerable OEM excellence. He has also played a pivotal role in streamlining financial oversight besides innovative business strategies. Kenneth’s focus is to maintain a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, design sound quality assurance systems and reliable key performance indicators. Through augmenting these functions, Kenneth has been able to improve the performance and profitability margins of different corporations.

Kenneth Goodgame uses transformative leadership to promote growth. His cost analysis abilities, quality improvement mechanism, negotiation skills and capability to enhance productivity cannot be undermined. Kenneth’s broad experience provides him with a veteran’s eye to steer through market shifts. This way, he avoids costly mistakes that may have adverse effects on the profitability and productivity objectives of an organization.

Kenneth is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. Between 1994 and 2002, Kenneth worked at the Home Depot in Atlanta, GA. He started as a Hardlines D28 product merchant. His duty was to manage all purchases regarding indoor garden category. In 1999, he was promoted to the position of director in charge of proprietary brands. In 2001, Kenneth became the senior global product merchant at the Home Depot. Between 2002 and 2007, Kenneth worked at the Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, NC. Here, he started as the president and general manager in charge of Rubbermaid cleaning. In 2004, he was elevated to serve as the president and general manager in charge of Bernzomatic. Between 2006 and 2007, Kenneth was the senior vice president in charge of marketing, sales and channel of the Irwin PTA & Shur-Line painting products.

Between 2008 and 2010, Kenneth worked at the Techtronic Industries North America located in Anderson, SC. Here, he was the president of Baja Motorsports and the president of direct tools factory outlets. Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, IL, enlisted the services of Kenneth between 2010 and 2013. In this corporation, Kenneth was in charge of general merchandising. Kenneth worked at the True Value Hardware Corporation headquartered in Chicago, IL, between 2013 and 2015. He was the senior vice president and headed the merchandising department.

Talk Fusion Makes Major Changes

by WilliamV .

Talk Fusion is one of the more innovative inventions of entrepreneur Bob Reina. Bob Reina is in fact one of the most creative entrepreneurs of this era. He knows to look at the problems that people are faced with and he provides a solution that makes life easier for them. Bob Reina not only provides people with marketing solutions so that they will experience success in an easier way. The newest innovation that Bob Reina has brought forth is Video Email. Video email allows people to send an email with video that allows people to get a better look at whatever product is being promoted.

Bob Reina’s company, Talk Fusion offers Video Chat. This makes it easier for people to communicate with one another. With the computer or mobile device, they are not limited to text or voice. They could also use video in order to talk to each other. This allows people to see each other as they are communicating. Not only do people get to see each other, they get to enjoy the HD resolution that allows them to see plenty of detail. Talk Fusion offers people a 30 day free trial so that they can take advantage of the service at no cost.

Bob Reina is one of the creative solutions of philanthropist Bob Reina. Bob Reina’s purpose is to help people. He wants to give to people. This is actually one of the main motivators behind the innovations of Bob Reina. He looks for ways that he can give to people and then he comes up with a plan to realize his goals. Generosity is one of the strengths of Bob Reina’s. He definitely wants to bring forth a world of greater equality. He also wants people to experience even greater connection with each other. This is one of the main inspirations behind Talk Fusion.

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Dr. Avi Wesifogel and his many talents

by WilliamV .

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing certified dentist in the New Jersey area who has his hand in many areas of interest. He has recently started a GoFundMe campaign for an organization called Operation Smile. It is a non-profit organization that is purely ran from donations and he has started the campaign in hope to raise enough money to help those who are in need of services provided by Operation Smile. It’s a global organization that was founded in 1984 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was based in the Philippines where they were able to help perform facial surgeries for those who suffered from facial deformities, cleft palates and cleft lips. Their organization has always been focused on the children and making sure that they never lose sight of hope, and always treating them as if they are their own. This is one of the reasons that Avi Weisfogel chose to support Operation Smile. The foundation has been performed surgeries for children in need for over thirty years and travel all over the world with the help of volunteers and medical facilities along with those who are helping raise funds. He has placed $2000.00 of his very own money into the campaign in hopes to get the support and get a jump start on it.

Dr. Weisfogel has also started his very own company called the Dental Sleep Masters. Along with his practicing dentistry office, he has a company that helps dentist’s offices and their staff educate and look for patients that may suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately there are many people who suffer from sleep apnea, and Dr. Weisfogel has made it his mission to educate and help patient’s correct their sleep disorder.

When he isn’t busy with his practice, business and charity work, he has developed a love for hip hop music. You can listen and follow his new tunes on Soundcloud.

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The Success of Eric Pulier

by WilliamV .

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, businessman, as well as a well known philanthropist who specializes in creating technology that is able to truly make the world a better place to live in. Growing up on the East Coast gave Eric Pulier access to many different perspectives as well as a fast paced way of living that encouraged him to pursue his passions even at an early age. Eric Pulier distinctly remembers building computers even at the age of nine. By high school, Eric Pulier had started his first business in building databases for clients. This natural talent in technology eventually earned him a spot at Harvard University where he started his long career to success. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in American and English Literature, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career as a businessman in order to help other with the use of technology.

In 1991, the first company that Eric Pulier built was a company known as People Doing Things. This company specialized in building technology that would inform the public about relevant issues such as healthcare. As healthcare has become an increasing concern, Pulier has worked with many individuals and with many think tanks in order to solve this worldwide issue. In addition to healthcare, Eric Pulier also truly believes that innovation is the key to improving the environment. As so many people rely on technology it has no longer become feasible to ask people to stop using technology around the world. With this in mind, Eric Pulier has continued to work on projects that will improve the world as a whole.

Eric Pulier’s successful work eventually earned him notice from several public figures such as Bill Clinton, the President of the United States at the time. After analyzing his work carefully, President Clinton requested that Eric Pulier develop and create an exhibition at the turn of the 21st century that would showcase all of the expectations for future technology. After the exhibition, Eric Pulier was even asked to stay on the think tank of Al Gore in order to advise him.

The Experience and Leadership Acumen of John Goullet

by WilliamV .

Diversant is a professional IT staffing company that has truly established itself as one of the top companies in its field. One of the main reasons for this would be because they connect only the best IT professionals with up-and-coming Fortune 500 companies worldwide. They are set apart from the other IT staffing companies because they go above and beyond just a list of bullet points for new IT professionals to consider. They provide a proprietary screening process in order to help match IT employees to a better job. They do this by by partnering with mid-market companies to help IT professionals find a job they will love.

One of the main movers-and-shakers for this firm would be John Goullet. Goullet serves as the principal for Diversant, and he is responsible for developing new strategies for success in the ever-evolving IT marketplace. He has a lengthy, impressive resume in a number of interrelated fields. Goullet started his career as a consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation in Lyndhurst, NJ from 1981 to 1983. From there, he took a position as another consultant at the Constell Group in Piscataway, NJ from 1983 to 1986. He took a position at 3D Information Services in Bridgewater, NJ from 1986 to 1987 and then was hired as a consultant in Cap Gemini America in Edison, NJ from 1987 to 1990.

John decided to switch to IT staffing in 1994, and that was a big year for him because he decided to start his own company. He founded Info Technologies, and within five years the company had grown to having about $30 million in assets. It actually made the number 8 spot on Inc Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies.

In 2010, John and a friend of his merged companies. He combined Info Technologies and Diversant to form Diversant LLC. He joined a list of many qualified IT professionals in the company, including Jim Yoshimura, William M. Grubbs and Steven J. Scopellite. John and this group of highly-qualified individuals are looking to continue the success of this company into the better part of the 21st Century. They believe the sky is truly the limit.

James Dondero’s Partnership with Linda Owen set to expand Highland Capital management, L.P.’s Philanthropy

by WilliamV .

The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P (HCM), Mr. James Dondero, have again shown his dedication to philanthropy by teaming up with Linda Owen, a renowned civic leader and charitable programs’ manager.

In bringing on board the former president and CEO of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Dondero is set to revamp HCM’s philanthropic activities. Linda’s partnership with The Dallas Foundation is poised to provide a strategic path that HCM’s charitable activities will follow.

Currently, HCM’s annual contributions towards charity are in the excess of $3 million. Among the firm’s fields of interest are education, health care, veterans’ causes, and empowerment of the Dallas community.

Some of the beneficiaries of HCM charity located in Dallas are The Center for Brain Health, Snowball Express, The American Heart Association, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Uplift Education, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and The Dallas Zoo. Linda Owen was equally optimistic about her partnership with James Dondero. She was particularly delighted to work with a team that showed selfless commitment to community empowerment. Specifically, she lauded HCM’s top leadership and employees for not only offering financial support to different community programs but also for participating in their operations.

Linda’s accomplishments include overseeing the completion of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas in 2012 when she was president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. As president and CEO of The Real Estate Council (TREC), she managed and coordinated projects for a commercial real estate association, the Dallas-Fort Worth area and also managed its non-profit programs.

As president and co-founder of HCM, Dondero has proved to be an innovative and visionary leader. His role in signing the partnership with Linda displays his astute leadership capabilities. Alongside co-founder Mark Okada, Dondero has also overseen the introduction of innovative credit management assets such as the distressed and special situations private equity and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

Dondero’s commitment to community empowerment is visible in his philanthropy and participation in different associations. For instance, he is involved in the operations of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank, where he serves as chairman of the board. He is also a member of the boards of American Banknote and MGM studios.