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The Ongoing Success of Madison Street Capital

by WilliamV .

In the world of international investment banking, Madison Street Captial stands out as one of the leaders in the small to middle-market. Recently, Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer received the The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony Marsala was awarded for the ongoing success of Madison Street Captial and his personal achievements in his professional finance career. Many very successful business leaders nominated and voted for Marsala to achieve this amazing award. Marsala realizes that his success could have never been achieved without a dedicated team of professionals to help him along the way. The honor of being awarded this recognition in such a competitive industry is something that has really pushed Marsala to the next level of business. You can read more about this prestigious award on Benzinga.

Madison Street Capital has been an industry leader for small to middle-market businesses for quite some time now. As one of the leading investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital is committed to bringing the very best financial advisory services to small and middle-market businesses all around the world. Madison Street Capital also focuses on mergers and acquisition expertise. The expert services in which Madison Street Capital provides allows businesses to succeed greatly in the global marketplace.

Madison Street Capital is committed to bringing the needs of the clients to the table as the most important aspect of business. Making the clients goals and needs top priority is what makes Madison Street Capital a firm in which many businesses place their trust. Emerging markets are a very important part of the success of any client working with Madison Street Capital. A strong focus on these emerging markets is what helps to create amazing success for the clients who works with Madison Street Capital. The great opportunities for growth in these emerging markets can help small to middle-market businesses realize profits that they would otherwise not be able to.

The professionals at Madison Street Capital understand that each client has their own unique and specific needs. It is the job of these professionals to create a financial plan of action that will work hand in hand with the specific needs and goals of every client. Madison Street Capital uses their previous experience with large corporations to better serve smaller businesses who are looking to grow. The future looks very bright for Madison Street Capital as they move forward into a new era of their amazing business journey.

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

How an Image Management Company Saved Themselves

by WilliamV .

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in helping enable clients to have a better online reputation. They focus so much of their business on helping their clients achieve the best possible results in search results. It is impressive just how valuable having great looking search results is when you meet someone new, and it is even more impressive that Status Labs has so much control over what their clients’ search results appear as. They have some of the top SEO technicians working on their team to make sure their clients have a good first impression when they meet new people.


News In Status Labs’ Online Reputation


Status Labs, the reputation management company went through its own reputation crisis. This information is humbling to find out because it shows that negative press can happen to any company or individual. The reason that Status Labs had some bad press, according to a Huffington Post article about the company, is that a former executive made some poor decisions. The company has made several internal and external changes in order to offset the negative press that this former executive achieved.


The internal measures that Status Labs made were in changing the leadership of the company as a whole and several changes to the way employees are treated. The leadership of the company changed when Status Labs’ employees decided to vote the executive out of the company, and they voted unanimously as well. The company suffered some loss, and some employees left because of the bad press. Then, Status Labs turned it all around.


The external changes that Status Labs made were to show the public that the company is willing to put itself out there in order to help their local community. Status Labs started having their employees help and volunteer at charities and nonprofit organizations. They also sent an open letter to the media from Status Lab employees. There was a team photo with the letter that was meant to help bring a face to Status Labs.

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Thor Halvorssen on Socialism

by WilliamV .

The 2016 Presidential Election has brought up several issues with which the public has never really been confronted. Since people have generally never heard of these issues, it can be easy to glamorize them. It is easy to tell people what is great about socialism because the citizens of the United States do not know the demerits or the history of socialism. In this video, Thor Halvorssen pointed that out. He suggested that socialism is being misrepresented, as only the strengths are emphasized and people are not being given a full and fair treatment of the pertinent issues related to socialism.


He Acknowledged That Sometimes It Works

As discussed in this Reddit thread, it is easily to point to a prosperous nation who has socialist policies. Many of us will look to places such as Denmark as a land of peace and prosperity and has a properly functioning socialist government. Yet, argues Halvorssen, there are several counter-examples wherein socialism has been been abused. We would not hastily say that socialism cannot work. But it very often does not work. He does not support socialism because of its’ history. There is too much depth. It is not sufficient to say that it is a countermove against the greed of the wealthy. It is far more than that.


Redistribution of Wealth Does Not Work

The socialist model (as we have heard throughout the presidential election) is to tax the rich and distribute that money among the poor in the form of an increased minimum wage and other feature that the people find compelling. The problem that Halvorssen pointed out is that this necessarily limits the national economy. As a result, we only have a finite amount of money. On capitalism, there is a constant influx. So while the rich will continue to become richer, the poor will as well. That is why the poor in the US are better off than the poor in third world countries.


While one may be compelled by the idea of taking somebody else’s money, it is something like putting a bandaid over the wound from a gunshot. It is an oversimplification of a complex problem.

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San Francisco District Attorney Charged

by WilliamV .

George Gascon is the crusading District Attorney for Francisco. Because he is the chief of police, he was very close with the police union he has been criticizing as obstructionist. In the recent past, George has been unconcerned about the police union department, and what shocked many people is the fact that he made some racially disparaging remarks when he was out drinking with union leaders.

Gary Delagnes, the person who used to be the president of the Police Officers Association, made these assertions in a sworn declaration. The declaration was made to a blue ribbon force that was set up by Gascon. Gascon has set up the task force so that it could look in to some allegations of homophobia and racism in the department.

The declaration by Delagnes was submitted just recently, few days after Gascon appeared before the panel. Gascon testified that the police department was influencing the ability for the head of police or the Police Commission to actually effectuate reforms, not for the better.

Gary Delagnes is believed to have been in the force for over twenty five years. He was POA president for a period of nine years, and he decided to retire in the year 2013. During his tenure in the force, Delagnes was known by everyone for throwing verbal punches. During his declaration, one thing was evident: he saved the haymaker in the end.

According to KTVU News, Delagnes thinks about a dinner that he had with Gascon in the year 2010. During the dinner, the current president of POA, Martin Halloran, and a union representative of Cambridge were present. The group was coming for a police union leadership event that had been organized by the Harvard Law School.

When the dinner was happening, Chief Gascón was heavily drunk, and this is when he started making reminiscing about his tenure at the Los Angelis Police Department. According to Delagnes, some of the remarks made were disparaging the minorities. Gascon was so loud during the dinner, and an African American patron had to approach him to stop because the comments were affecting his family. Delagnes is willing to give a more detailed declaration if he will be called by the blue ribbon panel to testify.


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Charles Koch Explains His Reasons For Firing A Warning Shot At Donald Trump

by WilliamV .

The rise of Donald Trump seems to have left the Republican party in a state of flux prior to one of the most important elections in the history of the GOP. The Wall Street Journal reports Charles Koch has been making major waves in the party after reportedly explaining to a journalist that he may be forced to provide backing for the campaign of Democrat Hilary Clinton should Donald Trump be given the Republican nomination for the Presidency.

Charles Koch is one of the best known political donors in the U.S. after spending much of the last three decades providing support for conservative policies and candidates alongside his brother David. The Koch brothers, as they have become known, are important donors for the GOP as they head a group of like minded wealthy individuals who share their passion and belief for conservative values dating back to the Reagan Presidency of the 1980s.

Charles Koch has been an important figure in U.S. business since taking his first steps into the Koch Industries company at the request of his father in the 1960s. At the outset of his business career Charles Koch arrived at a company based firmly in the oil refining business; by the 21st century Charles and brother David have transformed the business into many different areas and industries to become the largest privately owned company in the U.S.

For many individuals in the GOP the thought of a Donald Trump run for the Presidency has caused major problems that does not reflect the growing anger at the donor class many see Charles Koch as part of. The campaign of Donald Trump has so far failed to take in the fact Charles Koch has led a group of donors who have won impressive victories for the Republican Party in recent years, which includes the seizure of many governor positions in what have traditionally been Democrat strongholds. Donald Trump would do well to discuss strategy and how to campaign successfully with Charles Koch before he uses his vast wealth to support Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

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John Goullet’s Management skills at DIVERSANT LLC

by WilliamV .

DIVERSANT is a staffing company that is classified under the Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. It is located in 331 Newman Spring Road in the United States of America. It is the largest African American company that provides for IT Staff to various businesses in the America. It has a wide service provision that includes faculty hiring, IT staff augmentation and a variety of services. The company has been identified as the most successful in offering IT staff that match the qualities in the market.

The company was a result of co-founder business person John Goullet. John Goullet has an extensive and vast knowledge in the sector of IT staffing. His first company was Info Technologies that focused on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in the United States of America. Being in the industry as an Information technology consultant and he has led to the formation of several businesses or ventures in the IT sector. In 2010, he merged his business with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc., and they formed the DIVERSANT LLC. He continues to steer the Information technology industry with viable and more applicable solutions in the market.

John Goullet is the principal at DIVERSANT LLC, and his leadership qualities have made him guide the company to new heights regarding IT staffing other related services. Goullet studied at the Ursinus College where he got diverse experience in the IT world of consultancy that led him to a job before forming his company that provided such services. He is sharp and innovative individual an aspect that is replicated in his skills. As the CEO of Info Technologies, he was the supplier of IT related services to the Fortune 500 ventures across America.

DIVERSANT’s main aim is to steer and improve the performance of firms. The can only achieve such results if they can equip the companies with the right people and services. Information technology service provision is an evolving day in day out, and only well-equipped firms can beat the stiff competition. With the leadership of John, the company has managed to provide high qualified and most valued IT services.

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Understanding Venezuelan Investment Banking Industry by Martin Lustgarten

by WilliamV .

Investment banking industries have been facing a storm, to say the least. The storm has left most of these industry players scratching their heads over what they consider irregularities on Venezuela banks. Venezuela has been suffering from a troubled economy since 2014 which has seen most of its bank suffer along.


To withstand this storm Martin Lustgarten, a top Investment expert and Venezuelan banker reveals to other players in the banking industries on the tactics, they should use to ensure that they stay in business. He discloses to them that they should always be on top of their game when it comes to knowledge of the market. He is one of the best advisors when it comes to investing in the markets. His best advice is that market investment is a lifetime event and most investors who are in the market for a shorter time they are in a rude shock. He has evolved to be the most confident person when risking. He invests in long-term investments and advises that people should not invest in only one investment but rather a multi invest in the stock as and shares to receive the best results.


Martin Lustgarten thinks that although most of the Venezuelan bankers in the private sector have been offering their loans mostly to borrowers who they think deserve credit to streamline their costs and also have a sense of security, he thinks this could be a test to macro economy and the development of Venezuela. He goes on to add that the best possible thing that the government of Venezuela could do is making the investors feel more secure and introduce more market-oriented reforms and monetary somberness.


It is for this reason that the investment expert feels that he should educate investors who are willing to capitalize on these promising industry by giving a few basics tips. Martin says that a fresh face on Banking sector could help in turning thing around.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

Keith Mann: Helping Shape Future Business Leaders

by WilliamV .

Where will America’s next generation of business innovators come from? According to a recent article in PR Newswire, some of them are to be found among Brooklyn’s low income high school students. That’s what their futures hold in store for them if Keith Mann has anything to do with it.

Mann’s company, Dynamics Search Partners, sponsored a fundraiser in March, 2015 to finance student testing. This fundraising effort was conducted on behalf of Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a nonprofit management company operating more than 40 charter schools located in New York and nearby states. This event raised money for the new Brooklyn newest school.

Dynamics Search Partners has already given some $10,000 for student tests such as advanced placement and PSAT exams. The money raised helps expand the program. This enables students to better prepare not only to graduate high school, but to advance to successful college careers. Mann stressed that this is the goal. As he put it, the aim is to close the achievement gap low income students have traditionally faced in education.

Kieth Mann is no stranger to career develop issues. He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He founded and is chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners. The firm specializes in finding and recruiting top talent for hedge funds and private equity firms. Mann is also a strong supporter of education.

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Handy Home Cleaning Services Making Spring Time Cleaner

by WilliamV .

When spring comes around, my family is like most others. We like to tidy up and get our home as clean as possible during the spring time. For some reason, spring cleaning is an essential part of our continual growth. The air feels crisp, and the weather gets warm. This makes us want to get outside and run around. We have a dog, and we take that dog to the park quite often. When we get all muddy and dirty, where do you think that mud and dirt ends up? It ends up all over the floors and carpets.

Our hardwood floor looks amazing when it is polished and sparkling. The glow of the hardwood floor makes me and my family feel like we are living in a wonderful home, like the ones in magazines. We love that feeling in the morning time. When we get up out of bed to make breakfast, we get to enjoy a clean home first thing in the morning.

All of this luxury was made possible without struggle because we started using Handy’s home cleaning service. Handy’s website is Their website is basically a portal to all kinds of home cleaning professionals and other service men and women. Handy screens their employees thoroughly before they welcome them as independent contractors. Technically, the service men and women are not employees of Handy. They are actually working on their own behalf, but Handy helps connect these professional service people to a large customer base.

It works out for everyone involved in the process. I was always a little afraid to hire someone to come clean my home from the phone book or from online ads. However, I do not have to feel that way when I work with Handy to get my home cleaned for the spring. Handy actually handles all of the payment arrangement through their website, so you can be sure that the payments are made safely.

The best part of this is that the rates are already established when you find a service technician to clean or work on your home through Handy. We never have to deal with digging into our savings account when the cleaning costs are more than expected. The entire process to book someone to clean your home for the spring only takes about 60 seconds with Handy.

Download Handy’s app for free here!

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Attorney Helane Morrison Is On A Mission To Change Corporate America

by WilliamV .

The impact that one person can make on a company, a nation, and the world can’t be underestimated. There are stories about great men and women that have pioneered change in all segments of life. Stories of heroism, fortitude, and pure determination have filled history books for years. The truth is, one person can change the course of life and there’s no better example of such a person than San Francisco attorney, Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison wasn’t always an attorney. She started her working career as a journalist after graduating from Northwestern University’s School of Journalism. Morrison cut her business teeth reporting news stories and the experience she acquired during those years prompted her to attend the University of California’s School of Law. She got her law degree, but she was always drawn to the financial world. Her fascination with finance was not just about making money; her interest went deeper than that. Morrison wanted to know the intricate details of the financial world and when she was offered the job of regional director of the Securities and Exchange Commission she immediately accepted the position.

During her years at the SEC, Helane learned the ins and outs of government regulations, and she learned that many corporations had no clue about compliance regulations and other government requirements. The five state region that Morrison policed for the Securities and Exchange Commission kept her busy. She learned how to handle delicate corporate situations. Helane eventually became a partner in the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, and she continued her work in finance by defending clients that needed legal counsel for compliance violations and other matters.

Morrison is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Office for Hall Capital Investments, a California investment firm. That is unacceptable, according to Morrison. The old days of promoting men over women just because they are men are over. The old corporate look of all men and a token woman in one executive role is changing, and Morrison is one of the people leading the charge to change. There’s a lot of work to be done, but Morrison isn’t afraid of work. She thrives on it.